Sousa & Sousa, Lda. focal activity is to collect and manage the waste generated by the cutting process in the textile industry. This activity itself is only one of the stages of the entire process dedicated to recycling and reuse of such waste.

These residues pass through downstream business entities of the company; this by using a trituration process what allows the introduction of this material in the commercial market.

​The product that results from this trituration process has use in The textile industryallowing its usage for the creation of new wire. Moreover, in the automotive industry, either as a cleaning material or as a filling upholstery.

​The company is certified by the Ministry of Environment of the Government of Portugal as being entitled to exercise its activity within the legal parameters required since 2007.
textile waste
Founded in 1987 in the region of Vale do Ave in a village called Riba de Ave, this company appears as a response to the need to manage the waste generated by the cutting process of the mesh in the textile industry which is highly established and developed in this region of the country.

The activity itself is already well known by the founders of the company, although making use of some traditional procedures and crafts; they were already developing the activity as a form of family support.

Perceiving that the time to invest in “know-how” already existent, they decided then to create this company while investing in human and physical infrastructure capable to response to a growing market that is becoming more and more demanding/challenging as well as more competitive.

Over the years, this company has been growing and strengthening its presence in a market increasingly competitive and demanding, being able to show its success as well as its reference role in this business sector.

According to that and taking into account the increasing legal and environmental requirements, in 2007 this company was certified by the Ministry of Environment of the Portuguese Republic as authorized the company to exercise its activity while respecting the all the necessary legal parameters.

​​With the assurance and confidence that future challenges will be several and knowing that with everyone’s strength and ‘will power‘, this company will survive and contribute to a healthier and purest Earth.